Things to Come? Floating Power Plant Supplies Energy for Resort

Vancouver-based Water Wall Turbine has selected The Switch to provide a 500 kW full-power converter for its floating power plant, which extracts potential and kinetic energy from large, fast moving water currents for conversion into electricity.

The Switch

The Switch will supply its first 500 kW converter in October 2014 for Water Wall Turbine’s prototype project, which will be used for the Dent Island Resort, near Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. System testing of the integrated equipment aboard the floating vessel is planned for the first quarter of 2015.

Water Wall Turbine’s vessel will power the resort, replacing existing diesel generators as the primary energy source. The system is also integrated with battery energy storage. The diesel generators will provide system backup. Additional 1 MW plants are being planned for other remote resorts and communities in British Columbia.

The floating power plant leverages patented technology in a tethered above-water design, able to extract energy in both deep or shallow water currents. Environmental impact is minimal. The vessel offers easy accessibility for maintenance and construction. The technology is scalable from 500 kW to 1 MW, 2 MW and up to 5 MW per unit. The vessels provide bi- or monodirectional operation for tidal and river currents.

The Switch makes permanent magnet generator (PMG) and full-power converter (FPC) packages for wind turbine applications that are similar to this specific co-generation current application.

Water Wall says it selected The Switch based on its experience of delivering converters that fulfill the strictest grid codes and utility demands for interconnection and power conditioning.

Credit: Linda HardestyEnergy Manager Today

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  1. This turbine obviously has a good output to supply power to such a large area,i wonder how many places use the water wall turbine and it seems to me to be friendly to the environment.


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