Cayman Renewable Energy Association Launched

The new Cayman Renewable Energy Association (CREA) was formally launched this Thursday.

The new group, of roughly a dozen-members is chaired by GreenTech Group Founder and CEO James Whittaker. As quoted in the Caymen Compass,

“The renewable industry in Cayman has now reached a point where we felt there needed to be an industry organization with resources and standards to ensure the health and growth of the industry, to protect consumers, to provide opportunities for jobs and education and to be a resource for change in working with stakeholders such as the Government, CUC and the ERA,” Mr. Whittaker said.

CREA membership draws on renewable-energy providers, design and construction companies, and interested individuals, including solar, solar thermal, wind and geothermal. However, association membership is open to all sources of clean renewable energy including Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion.

Caribbean Utilities Company (CUC) is also part of the organisation. Mr. Whittaker said CUC has an important role to play in development of renewable energy, particularly through its Consumer Owned Renewable Energy program, in which anyone privately generating electricity may connect to the national grid, selling excess power into the system and buying it back if renewable supplies are compromised.

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