New IRENA Web Portal & Interactive Library

IRENA is seeking those within the renewable energy sectors to join their Global Atlas Virtual Advisory Network for the upcoming release of the Global Atlas v 2.0.


Participants will have the unique opportunity to be the first public users of the new Global Atlas, to comment and to improve the user experience. The Advisory Network will be invited to online discussions with IRENA, and to interact within the online IRENA Community. The deadline for registration is 15 November.

The Global Atlas 2.0 features a fully redesigned interface. The current web portal ( will be replaced by an interactive world map, which automatically displays all data available for the user’s location. The new release will include:

– A library of 1,000 solar, wind, geothermal, bioenergy and marine resource maps;

– Information available at the global, regional and national scale, with detailed literature references and descriptions;

– Detailed information on solar and wind data quality;

– Global road networks, protected areas, topography, landcover, population density, along with African power grids;

– Universal solar and wind data viewer (beta);

– Helioclim-1, an archive of 30 years of solar irradiation data for Africa, Europe and more;

– Access to online country profiles and socio-economic data;

– The ability to save maps through your user profile; and

– The option to share maps through social media.

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