Caribbean Investment: Creating the Right Incentives

Reflecting the azure skies of the Caribbean, solar panels on private houses, hotels and businesses are an increasingly common sight across all the islands. Many Caribbean customers are seeking a degree of energy independence, which is not surprising given that many pay five or six times as much for their grid-provided electricity than their neighbours in mainland USA.

Credit: Peter Sherry, Baringa Partners

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    Solar panels are a great way of reducing your electricity bills, as well as getting money back. You’re also doing your bit to combat global warming — solar power is the cleanest, most renewable source of energy there is, producing nothing in the way of emissions. No wonder solar panels are proving so popular!

    Solar panel electricity systems, also known as solar photo-voltaics (Solar PV), capture the sun’s energy using photo-voltaic cells. The cells convert the daylight into electricity, which can be used to run household appliances and lighting, saving you money. Any excess electricity produced by your Solar PV System is then exported to the National Grid — earning you money.

    EEC uses the most up-to-date photo-voltaic modules, which means they’re highly efficient. As the Solar PV Panels depend on light intensity, not heat or direct sunlight, they work even on overcast days.

    You can also trust us to deliver — we’re a fully MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) accredited company, meaning we use the most efficient solar technology available. Plus, we’re members of the RECC Renewable Energy Consumer Code set up by the Renewable Energy Association Consumer Code to deliver high quality service to consumers.

    But if you think your property won’t be suitable for a Solar PV System, think again. The majority of properties we survey are suitable, and a Solar PV installation typically takes as little as one day, with minimum disturbance and wiring.

    If for any reason your roof is unsuitable for solar PV panels, do not worry, EEC Home Improvements have an alternative. A-Frame and pergola mounting systems are the perfect solution for small, shaded or badly positioned roofs.


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