Energy Global Award in Antigua and Barbuda

REC congratulates local businesswoman, Ruth Spencer, for her recognition for a solar-energy project targeting non-profit organisations in Antigua and Barbuda.

Spencer has been awarded the National Energy Global Award: Antigua and Barbuda by the Global Energy Project under the patronage of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) and in cooperation with the United Nations Environment Project (UNEP).

Spencer says after she was able to cut the cost of electricity in her business, Spencer’s Apartment, using solar energy, a lot of individuals approached her and a project was written up and submitted. Under the initiative, “Solar energy as an innovation for development”, ten most needy groups that work within the community would benefit. One such group is the Association of Persons with Disabilities.

According to Spencer, the project is being funded by the Organisation of American States (OAS) and the Environment Division. Two private solar businesspeople have also come on board to offer support.

Director of the Community Development Division (CDD) Brenda Thomas-Odlum says the Division has worked over the years with Miss Spencer as the Coordinator of the Global Environment Fund Small Grants Project, and the Environment Division.

The team collaborates to develop proposal documents and secure financial assistance for projects for the CDD.

Spencer sees this accomplishment as a motivation to further reach out for more funding for community projects.

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