Geothermal development in Dominica delayed

The geothermal project in Dominica has been pushed-back but not abandoned, said Hon Minister for Energy, Ian Douglas, in a statement explaining that the government’s priority has shifted to find housing for those displaced by Tropical Storm Erika. The Minister assured that the storm has not in any way affected the project’s infrastructure and is now in a phase that involves the generation of electricity from a small plant for local consumption. Emerging questions from this next phase of infrastructure development include the type of plant and turbines needed for generation, and how much power can actually be put onto the grid.

Another issue to be settled is the finalisation of contracts with DOMLEC which will be responsible distributing the energy generated from the geothermal project. In terms of cost, Hon. Douglas says that arrangements have to be made to ensure the financing of the project and that electricity will be affordable to consumers. Currently US$80 million has been invested into “behind-the-scenes” exploration of geothermal and the project is preparing for the generation phase just as a climate deal, the framework for COP21, is reached. As to when this next phase will finally come on stream, the Minister could not give a definite date but assured that the project will not be abandoned.

Read the statement from the Government of Dominica

Credit: New Energy Events

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