2018 could see the start of geothermal exploration in Saint Lucia

Caribbean Islands are prime locations for geothermal energy and St. Lucia is on track to implement their own geothermal energy resources in 2018.

Several Caribbean Islands are prime locations for geothermal energy. St. Lucia is on track to implement their own geothermal energy resources according to Valerie Leon, acting Permanent Secretary in the Department of Sustainable Development. “We are very advanced with our geothermal development. We have conducted all the geothermal studies that will give us information (and) are looking at the pre-feasibility study.”

Leon said an Environmental Impact Assessment will be done and will be factored into the second phase.

“We are completing the geothermal development studies. Once we do that, we are looking at early next year so that we can begin the exploration drilling phase,” she said, adding that Government is seeking grant funding to do exploration drilling for geothermal energy.

She added further, “The process is well advanced. We should be getting U.S. $22 million to do the exploration drilling phase.”

Once that phase is completed, Slim Hole Drilling will be undertaken to indicate the quality of the resource.

Slim Hole Drilling is a drilling technique used to develop a slim hole well and is a type of gas, oil, or geothermal well whose borehole size is significantly smaller than the usual borehole size.

“It will tell us whether to go ahead into full production or whether we should just call it a day,” Leon said.

The search for renewable energy in St. Lucia is part of government’s recognition of the importance of the move by Member States of the United Nations to adopt a plan for achieving a better future for all. That plan is all about laying out a path to end extreme poverty, to fight inequality and injustice and protect the planet.

The plan was rolled out in September 2015 with a life span of 15 years and was officially known as “Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”. Contained within the plan are 17 global goals or what is more popularly known as Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which the United Nations says clearly define the world people want and which apply to all the 196- member states of the United Nations.


Source: Parker O’HalloranThe Voice St Lucia

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