Haiti receives $150 million to electrify the whole country

Jude Alix Patrick Salomon, the Minister of Economy and Finance announced that Taiwan (Republic of China) had granted a loan of about US$150 million to Haiti, an announcement that comes at 14 months from term of President Moïse’s promise to electrify the whole of the country.

This loan is intended to invest in the energy sector, particularly in the construction of micro-grids for isolated regions with low population density and in the interconnection of the network.

Salomon emphasized, “It is important for the State to invest in the interconnection of the network and to allow those included in calls for expressions of interest to manage both production, billing and collection”.

Solomon also reaffirmed that Haiti will prioritize renewable energies and prepaid electricity consumption, aware that subsidies to Electricity of Haiti (EDH) constitute one of the most important sources of public deficits.

Note: Haiti is one of the last 10 countries in Latin America to maintain diplomatic ties with Taiwan. Indeed, after 69 years of diplomatic relations, the Dominican Republic broke off diplomatic relations with Taiwan and chose to establish them formally with the People’s Republic of China, a partner deemed more beneficial for the future of their country.


Credit: Haiti Libre

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