Energy efficiency firm expands in Jamaica

Smartcool Systems Inc. announced that the company has completed installations at a grocery store and at a large fruit beverage manufacturer in Jamaica.

“An installation of Smartcool’s proprietary ESM technology on a 50-ton AAON rooftop packaged A/C unit controlled by an Emerson E2 digital panel has yielded 34 percent savings amounting to 500 kWh per day reduction,” said the press release.

The implementation of Smartcool’s ESM generated better than average expected savings as result of the digital capability of the system. The grocery store opened about 18 months ago with some of the most advanced operating systems.

“We are very excited about these results and the client is extremely satisfied having generated better than anticipated savings,” said Konyi. “Our proprietary technology is showing itself to be extremely effective on these newer systems with digital scroll compressors. The ability to infinitely vary the compressor speeds allows Smartcool’s technology to generate even better optimization than on traditional analogue systems.”

The second installation was at a fruit beverage maker with six cold rooms and two freezer rooms, said the press release.

“Measured savings at these installations exceeded 20 percent,” the company stated. “Ten ECO3 systems were installed at this facility. This manufacturer has three additional locations that are currently being surveyed for the application of Smartcool’s technology.”

Like most of the Caribbean Islands, Jamaica relies primarily on diesel generated power for its electricity requirements.

“As such, the cost of power is very high and incorporates a surcharge tied to the price of oil. Current rates are about USD $0.35/kWh,” said the company press release.

These high electricity rates combined with a year-round need for air-conditioning provide Smartcool with opportunities to assist clients with energy savings and reduced carbon footprint.

“We are currently operating 10 introductory projects in Jamaica,” said Caribbean EVP Sales Frank Lawrence. “These include fast food restaurants, food processors, grocery stores and resorts. Many of these are multi-location companies that should yield significant sales growth for the company and savings for the clients. We are also now starting to introduce the Smartcool products into other Caribbean islands where power costs are very high as well.”


Source: John McPhaul, Streetwise Reports

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