The Intersection of Trusted Insight, Sustainability and Smart Policy

We See Caribbean Challenges as Rare Opportunities


The Challenge is Also the Opportunity 

It’s said history unfolds before our eyes but is the product of today’s choices. Given their impact on future generations, energy choices come with higher stakes. Doing it right takes holistic understanding to see beyond grid and balance sheet to people, and nowhere is the right choice more essential than in the Caribbean. Need is great, logistics formidable, wrong decisions inordinately costly and the consequences can be crippling. Here’s how REC helps. 

Unwavering Commitment to the Region 

REC is the vision of two self-described data geeks that passionately pursue the discovery of sustainable solutions to overcome Caribbean energy challenges. Where most get stalled, we find opportunity, inspired by our perspective honed over decades of combined industry experience incorporating technology, policy, finance and governance. We envision the Caribbean becoming a global showcase for smart renewable energy project innovation. 

Comprehensive Insight and Expertise 

Our team is seasoned by strategic and technical experience from the boardroom to the startup trenches. The goal for every engagement is turning data into actionable insight and more informed decisions. To do it, we deliver three core services that set us apart in the right ways for the right reasons: Proprietary market analytics; unrivalled event reporting with insider perspective; and latest news gathered to get you ahead and keep you there. 

Proven and Trusted Senior Leadership 

Co-Founder Jonathan Greaves offers global business development expertise for start-ups to Fortune 100 companies across the energy spectrum, at home with both renewable energy and the fossil fuel industry. Macro to local; commercial, technical and financial, and in all verticals and functions, his priority is clean energy, sustainable growth and environmental responsibility. Clean isn’t just the right thing to do, but smart business that’s good business. 

Co-Founder Dr. Laurel Murray is an industry thought leader in climate change, renewable energy and the environment, trained at King’s College in London. Her public and private sector work in energy deployment, climate finance, community-based adaptation, and disaster, risk and resource management across virtually every industry connected by data analytics and innovation. It’s how she bridges differences and makes impossible, possible. 

Bringing Everything Together Defined 

Investment and development decisions have a lot riding on them, and we help every client and partner make smarter decisions. Finding a way for multiple players to not just compete but to complement each other’s agenda. Ironically, our uncanny ability to find consensus solutions that benefit all stakeholders is easy to explain. By collaborating in all areas of the energy mix, we’ve helped all stakeholders see the link between synergy and sustainability. 

Market Tested and Performance Proven 

Our inter-disciplinary perspective has been earned working with governments, agencies and public and private companies; we partner with utilities, project developers NGOs, funds, foundations and a host of international development, environmental and wildlife organizations. Securing funding with leading financial institutions in the US and Europe, we proudly augment our business success by supporting philanthropic causes we believe in. 

An Unexpected but Remarkable Bonus 

Every day we see the benefits of policy with purpose, leveraging our vast experience to projects seeking smart, inspired solutions to make a difference in areas ravaged by storms. Our vision is to apply everything we know to find sustainable, long-term and supported solutions. Then, we take it a critical step farther. Sharing it. The Caribbean can serve as a model innovation incubator, pioneering solutions that REC can help export to the world. 


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