Renewable Energy Caribbean is proud to support a variety of organizations and events which reflect our mission. If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact us to learn more.



The Caribbean Electric Utility Services Corporation is an association of electric services, dealers, manufactures and other stakeholders operating in the electricity industry in the Caribbean region, Central and South Americas and Globally. CARILEC endeavors to improve communication among its members, provides technical information, training, capacity building, conference and other services. The Secretariat plays a leading role in electric utility advocacy, growth and sustainability  in the Caribbean region, Central and South Americas.



The Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum is the largest annual gathering of the Caribbean energy market, hosted by New Energy Event. CREF was launched in 2009 to gather governments, utilities, multilaterals and investors to explore opportunities to ramp up investment in clean energy across the Caribbean. Since then it has more than doubled in size with hundreds of delegates from 50 countries participating.



RECAM is a regional conference bringing together hundreds of senior-level decision makers from across the Caribbean and Central America sustainable energy market. The goal is to strengthen new partnerships in the market, and share opportunities in wind and solar innovations, micro-grid and storage technologies, investment and regulatory reform.


Solar Head of State

Solar Head of State is a non-profit organization formed by a worldwide team of grassroots activists aligned with solar energy social entrepreneurs from around the globe. Based in the United States and active across the world, Solar Head of State is dedicated to the promotion of solar energy and climate resilience. The organization holds various initiatives including solar projects in Jamaica and Saint Lucia.



Climate Change in Focus is a research-based not-for-profit organization working to translate traditional know-how and the latest scientific knowledge into robust policy and action on climate change. CCIF undertakes action research focused on practical, scalable solutions; as well as advising government and development agencies on how to mainstream climate change throughout their activities.



Nullam Recruitment is sister company under Nullam Resources Inc. A globally active executive search and recruitment firm specializing in the energy, commodities, finance and technology sectors. Born from the belief that a company does not need to choose between people, planet and profits, Nullam champions a sustainable approach to both recruitment and business practices.