Market Analysis

The Caribbean holds enormous potential for sustainable energy. The region has the resources of sun, wind, geothermal and ocean power; as well as, the opportunity for innovative biomass and waste systems. The high cost of fossil fuel electricity generation makes the transition to renewable energy and improved efficiency common sense. Most Caribbean governments, development banks and community organizations are actively supporting this transition and the Caribbean has seen high levels of civic energy galvanized around renewables and the energy independence it brings.

Moreover, Caribbean islands are excellent laboratories to demonstrate how various renewable energy technologies and integration plans can be deployed. They are on the front line of climate change and climate-resilience development with many lessons for other parts of the world.

The obstacles to renewables largely stem from financial constraints for small island developing states, capacity issues and, in some cases, the slow speed of regulatory reform. Yet, there are over 400 renewable energy and storage projects across 25 Caribbean countries and territories – with an influx seen in the last few years. The region is attracting investment from across the globe, ramped up by the urgency for climate-resilient infrastructure such as power- and micro-grids, energy storage and other key technologies.

It is now more important than ever that renewable energy and efficiency projects leverage robust datasets, benchmark metrics and analysis to drive their project development and operations. Similarly, decision-makers need these same tools to inform their strategic policies.

We provide a competitive edge when making decisions by offering tailored data-driven market intel and analysis on the renewable energy market. We combine qualitative research and quantitative data analytics to deliver Caribbean-specific information across all key renewable energy technologies to inform the political, economic and environmental aspects of energy systems.

Why choose us?

  • Access to 400 first-class statistical sources
  • Exclusive benchmark of official Caribbean & Central American data on renewable energy projects covering over 400 projects in the region
  • Opinion research data to inform public policy
  • Data visualization to harness key market trends and outliers
  • Up to 25 Caribbean and Central American countries / territories covered

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