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Renewable Energy Caribbean provides an online news source covering clean energy exclusively for the Caribbean market. We publish industry news, finance, project developments, market intel and analysis, and public policy issues.

Renewable energy is quickly advancing in the region, yet there remain few news outlets that cater specifically to this industry. In 2014, Renewable Energy Caribbean was launched to meet the demand for timely, topical news in the area. We have published over 200 Caribbean stories showcasing this advancing market; as well as, relevant reports and studies to bolster information exchange.


We publish weekly content and offer a free, monthly newsletter to our subscribers summarizing the top industry news and upcoming events. We also undertake research on the power and renewable energy markets to produce quality reports and briefings with a Caribbean focus. We are proud to be the top ranked news site for renewable energy in the Caribbean with a broad readership that encompasses every Caribbean / CARICOM country and territory – and many others from around the world.