We believe the Caribbean can be a forerunner in the transition to a greener, cleaner economy. Not only does the region have the raw physical capacity for clean energy, the Caribbean has enormous human capital and world-class institutions. Fostering local talent will drive this change – strengthening communities, the local environment and commercial enterprises.


Jonathan Greaves is Principal at Nullam Recruitment, specializing in the global commodities, energy and tech sectors. His interest in the energy markets originally took shape as a headhunter in the natural gas and LNG space. However today, Jonathan’s work and expertise have expanded to include renewable energy and clean tech more broadly. Jonathan has worked with some of the world’s leading tech companies, utilities, funds, banks and trading houses and sits on several Boards related to clean energy and climate change. He also has a background in media production, having worked with the BBC, SOAS Radio, and One World Media where he supported youth development and training initiatives. 

Laurel Murray is Director of Climate Change in Focus. She works with government and non-profit organizations with over ten years’ experience in climate change adaptation, mitigation and development. Laurel currently focuses on climate finance, the green economy, community-led adaptation, and mainstreaming climate-resilient development. She holds both a Masters and PhD from King’s College London.



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