BE Solar proposes offshore wind farm in Bermuda

The centrepiece of the plan includes an offshore wind farm west of Dockyard and expansion of rooftop and utility-scale solar.

$34.5mn confirmed in grants under UAE-Caribbean Renewable Energy Fund

UAE is proceeding with grants totalling US$34.5 million to fund renewable energy projects in the Caribbean building on $15mn of projects announced last year.

Blockchain-managed renewable energy partnership in Jamaica

ImpactPPA announces today their newest renewable energy power generation project for one of Jamaica’s largest law firms, Myers, Fletcher & Gordon. The project will be managed on ImpactPPA’s blockchain financing platform, bringing together an innovative form of energy generation and energy financing.

What It Will Take to Rebuild the Caribbean With Clean Energy

The devastating impacts of Hurricane Irma and Maria on energy systems in Puerto Rico and elsewhere in the Caribbean highlight an energy security problem that has been lurking for decades. Massive damage to centralized grids will mean that many of…