The Status of Renewable Energy in the Caribbean

Our recent report provides a snapshot of renewable energy growth in the Caribbean over the last 10 years – synthesizing data and energy statistics from over 300 projects and encompassing all major supply-side technologies such as solar, wind, geothermal, hydro, waste-to-energy, and bio energy.

The 2018 report also highlights some of the most innovative renewable energy and energy efficiency projects seen in the Caribbean during this period; highlighted for various reasons either as a catalyst for other clean energy projects or for their pioneering use of technology, novel financing structures, resilient construction methods, and/or positive community impact. Many of these projects are award-winning and chosen based on extensive market research and inputs from thought leaders from across the energy industry. 

Moving forward, the challenge for the Caribbean over the next decade will be to attract high-quality investments in the energy sector that will support the aspirations of countries to achieve energy security, drive down the cost of electricity and increase the competitiveness of their economies.

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CORRECTION: The name for Randy R. Koon Koon erroneously appeared as Randy Koon.  Their full citation should read: Koon Koon, R. 2018. “Renewable Energy – A Caribbean Crossroad.” Journal of Caribbean Environmental Sciences and Renewable Energy, Vol. I, Issue I, p. 8-10.