Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum

New Energy Events is pleased to present the 10th Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum (CREF) from November 7-9, 2018 in Miami. 

550 attendees from 50 countries attended CREF 2017. Over 25 Caribbean countries were represented by their government or by their utility, or in most instances, by both.

10 years since we launched CREF, this is a critical time to be in the market. The Caribbean is transitioning away from a decade-long discussion around how to enable a sustainable energy matrix, to one focused on how to finance and build grids that are independent, economic, reliable – and resilient.

The discussion around resiliency isn’t a trend; it’s real and it’s not going away. This year’s CREF will be sharply focused on what resiliency in the energy sector looks like – and who’s going to fund it.

As a corollary, perennial issues around how to procure, finance and build world-class renewable and storage projects across the region have never been more important. An array of projects is coming online as we speak and the pipeline is deep.

CREF 12speakers edit Twitter 1024x512.png

Over 60 speakers are already confirmed for CREF 2018, set to cover a range of topics:

  • How can we catalyze investment in clean and resilient grids?
  • What lessons have we learned post-Irma and Maria?
  • Are centralized or decentralized grids more resilient?
  • How real is the trend to solar and storage?
  • Will geothermal make it off the ground?
  • Capital abounds; where’s the supply of bankable projects?

Join us and stakeholders from across the region at CREF 2018 as we map out the next ten years of investment in a clean, resilient and competitive Caribbean.

For more information, please check out CREF2018.