Jamaica Solar Challenge

Can you design a project to inspire your community to learn about the benefits of solar power for Jamaica? This new Solar Head of State competition is open to all young Jamaicans (26 years old or younger). Create an innovative way to inspire your own community and communicate the benefits of solar power.

Possible projects could include:

  • Designing a solar art project that inspires your community
  • Writing and singing a catchy and informative song that could be played on the radio
  • Animating a short video to be spread through social media
  • Writing an essay or editorial on how your community can benefit from renewable energy
  • Writing and performing a short skit or play about solar energy in Jamaica
  • Or anything else you can think of!

The competition is sponsored by Caribbean Climate Innovation Centre, Bresheh, RECAM,   and the Florida Intercultural Academy.

Competition now closed. For more information visit the competition page.